There are two ways to set up your users' leave quota. In this article, we will talk about editing their leave quota based on their start date.

Let's see how you can make these changes:

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -

Click on Locations on the left-hand side menu

Click on a location you wish to edit this option for
*If you are just starting out, please read our article on how to create a location - How Do I Create a Location?

On your right-hand side, click on Edit Location

Once the page opens up, you want to search for the Leave Quota Reset Based On option and from the drop down menu click on User Employment Date
*This option will set the day quota based on the day your employee started working. To edit an employee start date please see: How Do I Edit User's General Information? ( Role, Team, Location and Start Date )

Once you are done editing, click on Update Location and your changes will be saved.

Please keep in mind, the changes you make to this location will affect all the active users in this location.
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