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Guide: What Automations does Vacation Tracker offer?

At Vacation Tracker, we understand that certain tasks can be very time consuming. This is why we’ve created Automations.

With Automations, we're simplifying leave management for Admins and Approvers because our system will automatically apply certain changes regarding leave policies. From automatically adding PTO days based on seniority/roles to creating blackout periods, and more.

Who can Access the Automation Page:

All Admins can purchase an Automation. They can cancel and edit all Automations.

All Approvers can access the Automation tab but can only create the Blackout Period Automation for now. Approvers can only see and edit Automations that they’ve created. They will see a preview of Automations that other Approvers or Admins have created, but they can’t edit or delete them.

How to Access the Automations Page:

An Admin or Approver needs to log in to the online dashboard

From the online dashboard, go to the menu on the left-hand side

Click on Automations

How Do I Create an Automation?

Please refer to the following articles for more detailed steps on each automation:

Blackout Period - A blackout period is a period Users are not allowed to take leave from work. The Blackout Period is both accessible to Approvers and Admins. For detailed steps, please see the following link: How to Set a Blackout Period (Block Time)

Seniority Based Entitlement - SBE is a system where employees can earn more paid time off (PTO) based on their length of service with a company. The system will award additional leave on top of their existing quota based on milestone. This automation is accessible to Admins only. For detailed steps, please see the following link: How Do I Set Up Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE) Automation?

Role Based Entitlement - Entitlement by Role allows Admins to award additional days based on their User’s role, defined by labels. This automation works hand-in-hand with our Labels feature included in our Complete plan. Only Admins are able to set this automation. For detailed steps, please see the following link: How Do I Set Entitlement by Role?


At this time, the pricing for all automations is an additional $0.50 per Active User/month or $5 per active user/year. You are charged for the number of active Users. So, if you have 10 Users, you would be charged $0.50 x 10 Users per month or $5 x 10 Users per year. For more information on our pricing, please see the following page:

Please note, only Admins can purchase automations within Vacation Tracker. Automations are purchased separately on the Automations page.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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