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How Do I Set Entitlement by Role?

Entitlement by Role is an Automation within Vacation Tracker that awards additional days to specific groups of Users automatically. This can be done by creating a label which you'd use to select specific Users, and set up an automation for that label.

For example, if we want to give additional PTO days to our Managers, we will create a label ‘Manager’ that we’ll add to all of our Managers and then create an automation that will give them additional days based on that label.

Please have in mind that Entitlement by Role can only be used with the Complete plan, since labels are not available for the Core plan. For more information on our different plans, please see the following link: Guide : What Are The Differences Between Our Core & Complete Plans?

Before setting up the automation for Role based entitlement, you should already have a label(s) created. To learn how to create labels, please take a look at this article: How Can I Categorize Users (Adding Labels)?

Now, let’s create the automation!

Go to the Vacation Tracker dashboard -

In the menu on the left, click Add-ons

Select Entitlement by Role

In case you haven’t subscribed to the Entitlement by Role automation yet, go to Discover more add-ons and select Entitlement by Role there

Enter the name for this automation (i.e. Manager Entitlement)

Select a label and a leave type to which the automation will apply

Enter the number of additional days that will be added

Choose the year from which you want to start applying the leave

Note: for now only the current year can be selected, in case you need to push the change into the past, please reach out to our Support.

Click on Create

You can revisit any Entitlement by Role automations you’ve previously created by going to Add-ons and clicking on Entitlement by Role. You’ll be able to deactivate, edit and delete the automation. If you'd like to edit the setting, you can do so by clicking on the automation name.

Earning Rules

Please note, if you already have a label assigned to some Users, after creating the automation, you will have to remove and re-assign that label to have the automation applied.

You can create multiple Entitlement by Role automations, however, you can create only one per label. Meaning that a label (let's say "Managers") can only be used once for one automation.

Additionally, multiple leave types cannot be handled by one automation. For example, if you're looking to assign additional 5 PTO days and 5 Personal leave type days to Managers, you must create two different labels (Managers PTO and Managers Personal) and assign both and create separate automations based on both.

If you want to manually change role entitlement for an individual, please see the following article: How Do I Customize Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE) or Entitlement by Role for Individual Users?

To learn more about the Automations Vacation Tracker offers, see here: Guide: What Automations does Vacation Tracker offer?

Updated on: 20/06/2024

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