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How Do I Set Up Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE) Automation?

Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE) is an automation that awards Users additional leave days after being with a company for a certain number of years. Vacation Tracker will award additional leave on top of their existing quota based on milestones.

Please note, only Admins can create this automation.

SBE is an automation you can add to your Core or Complete plan. The current price is $0.50 per Active User/month. To learn more about our automations and pricing, please see: Guide: What Automations does Vacation Tracker offer?

Let’s begin!

Go to the Vacation Tracker Dashboard -
On the left-hand side click on Automations

Click on Create automation

You’ll have a board of different automations, make sure to click on Seniority Entitlement with the paper and + icon

Choose a name for your seniority entitlement

Fill in your options

Appy to all users?: If you’d like to apply this particular Seniority Entitlement to all Users in your company, click on Yes. Please note, For companies who have different SBE rules based on location, you can click on “No” to create an SBE based on a location, so it only applies to the Users in that location. To create a location, please see: How Do I Create a Location?

Leave Type: Select the leave type you’d like the additional days to be added to. The additional days added by the system are added to the Users’ existing leave quota. The extra days are added to the same leave type you created the SBE for. If you have different seniority entitlement rules for different leave types, you can create several Seniority Based Entitlements.

Start applying seniority entitlement from: For the moment, the policy you create is from the current year (from the date you turned on the automation) and moving forward. For more information on the earning rules, please see the Earning Rules section below.

Do you want to enable prorate?: If the User’s employee start date does not match the fiscal/calendar year, Vacation Tracker will prorate the seniority earned days in the year they are awarded. For example, if your calendar year starts on January 1st, but the User started working on July 1st 5 years ago, and your company gives 5 additional PTO days on July 5th after 5 years of service, the User will receive 2.5 days on July 1st because of the prorate. This user will receive all 5 seniority-based days in the next fiscal year.

Seniority Entitlement Policy: Add how many additional days that will be awarded after how many years in the company. You can create multiple policies for the SBE by clicking on the + button.

Once you’re done with all the fields, you’ll have a summary of the SBE Automation you created.

Click on Create

Please note, once you create a Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE), it cannot be edited. It must be deleted.

Earning Rules:

Please note: SBE applies from the current year. This means that we do not go back in the past to add the additional days for Users who already reached the milestone.

As an example, it is January 16th, 2024, and I have just created the SBE Automation to add 5 days after 2 years and 5 days after 4 years in the company. All Users whose anniversary dates are before January 16th, 2024, must be configured manually by the Admin. The Automation will only add the extra days for Users who have anniversary dates after January 16th.

Example 1: Ana has been with the company for 2 years, she started on January 12th, 2022. The Admin must go to Ana’s profile and manually add the 5 additional days since the anniversary date has already passed. (Link: add individual quota article)

Example 2: Stacy’s 2nd anniversary with the company is coming up on September 3rd, 2024. Our system will automatically reward Stacy 5 additional days.

Example 3: Rick’s 4th anniversary with the company is coming up on March 3rd, 2024. The system will automatically reward Rick with 5 additional days, making it a total of 10 SBE days (additional days). But the 5 days he was supposed to be rewarded in 2022 for his 2-year milestone should have already been manually added by the Admin.

If you're looking to assign additional quota based on roles or labels, within Vacation Tracker, please see the following automation: How Do I Set Entitlement by Role?

For more information on all of our Automations, please see our guide: Guide: What Automations does Vacation Tracker offer?

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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