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What Information Can I See on My Calendar View?

Our online calendar view allows all active users in Vacation Tracker to easily see scheduled leaves and holidays for all locations and departments! Once a leave has been approved, it will automatically display on this calendar.

Here's a breakdown of how you can access your online calendar, and what information is visible:

Log in to your online dashboard by going to

Once logged into the dashboard, select Calendar on the left-hand side

Here, you will see all of the scheduled leaves and holidays for locations and departments within Vacation Tracker:

The leave types are coordinated by color. All holidays are colored purple by default

Half-Day leaves and holidays are represented by striped blocks

You can filter your calendar view by Location, Department or User Labels (if you are subscribed to our Complete Plan)

Users also have an option to change their calendar view to a list view using the option on the right-hand side:

You can sync this calendar with your external calendar by clicking on the Sync with Your Calendar button:

For more information on how to sync your calendar with Vacation Tracker, feel free to review this guide: Guide: How Do I Sync My Calendar with Vacation Tracker?

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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