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How Can I Import My Leave Data into Vacation Tracker (Leave Data Import)?

If you’re new to Vacation Tracker, welcome! You may be looking for the option to import your leave information if you’re starting with Vacation Tracker mid-year. Or if you’re looking to consolidate your leave history/data in one place.

Please note, when using our Import feature, users will not be notified once the leaves are added into the system.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind before proceeding with the import:
Make sure all of the Users are in the Active list.
Make sure you have set up your settings (leave type, location and department settings).
Make sure you have imported the holidays.

Once the account is properly set up, you can proceed with importing the data. Proper setup is important so that the imported data can be as accurate as possible.

For more information on the setup mentioned, please see the following articles:

Leave Type(s) : How Can I Create and Configure Leave Types?

Location(s) : How Do I Create a Location?

Department(s) : How Do I Create a Department within Vacation Tracker?

Please keep in mind, we currently only offer importing of leave data but are looking to introduce other types of imports in the near future.

As an Admin in Vacation Tracker, you can find the Import option on the left-hand side menu within the online dashboard.

You have two options:

To import your own file.

To download our template, fill it out and import that file.

In case you choose to import you own file, please keep in mind it must have headers:

And it must have matching columns during the mapping:

If you’re using our template, the headers and the matching columns will already be in the template:

For detailed steps on the data import for both options, please see the following article:

Data Import: Importing Leave Data Using Your Own File

Data Import: Importing Leave Data Using Our Template

Please note, all imported leaves are auto approved. If you’re looking to import declined/pending/expired leaves as well, reach out to our Support team.

Additionally, the Is Half-Day column is mandatory, if left blank, we will auto-fill it as No.

Updated on: 22/12/2023

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