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What happens if a leave isn't responded to ( approved / denied ) right away?

To better assist our Approvers within Vacation Tracker we have an option called “Leave Reminders”. These reminders are sent to Approver(s) in order to remind them to respond (approve or deny) to the leave request.

For more information on leave reminders, please see the following article: What is the schedule / flow of leave reminders?

Reminders are an automated option and cannot be turned off; however, each leave request reminder can be snoozed by the Approver.

If the leave isn’t responded to on time, the leave request will expire, and the User will have to apply for the request again.

For more information on the leave expiration (leave expiry) rules within Vacation Tracker, please see the following article: Why did a leave request expire (Leave Expiration Rules)?

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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