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What is the Difference between Entitlement by Role and Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE)?

To reduce manual work and simplify leave management, we’ve created Seniority-Based Entitlement and Role-Based Entitlement automations. With these two automations, Vacation Tracker will automatically award Users additional days. But what is the difference between Seniority-Based Entitlement (SBE) and Role-Based Entitlement automation?

On the online dashboard – , Admins and Approvers have access to the Automation tab. But only Admins can create/configure SBE and Entitlement by Role.

Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE)

SBE is a system where employees earn more paid time off (PTO) based on their length of service with a company.

This automation can be applied to all Users or a specific location.
Admins can create multiple automations for different leave types.
Once the User reaches the milestone(s) on their anniversary date (employee start date), Vacation Tracker will automatically add the additional days to their base quota.
This Automation can be an add-on for the Core or Complete plan. To learn more about our different plans, please see the following link: Guide : What Are The Differences Between Our Core & Complete Plans?

Example: Admin sets a policy for 2 days to be added to a User’s base quota on their 2nd anniversary, 2 days on their 4th year anniversary and 2 days on their 6th year anniversary until they hit a maximum of 6 additional days earned. On each anniversary day, the system will automatically award the two additional days to the User on top of their base quota.

For detailed steps and more information on our Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE), please see the following article: How Do I Set Up Seniority Based Entitlement (SBE) Automation?

Entitlement by Role

Entitlement by Role is when Users are awarded additional days based on their label/role in a company.

You must be on our Complete plan to use Entitlement by Role because our labels feature is used to assign the roles.
Labels will have to be created before setting this automation up. Please see the following link for detailed steps on assigning labels: How Can I Categorize Users (Adding Labels)?
Admins can create multiple automations for different roles.
The entitlement applies starting from the current year and the moment the label is applied.

Example: An Admin can create a label called "Manager" and assign all managers in their company with this label. Then, they can create the Entitlement by Role with the rule to award 2 additional “Vacation” days to all employees with the "Manager" label. All Users with the label, will be awarded 2 additional days on top of their base quota (starting from the current year). Any Users that receive the "Manager" label later on, will also be awarded the 2 additional days automatically once the label is added to the user's profile page.

For detailed steps and more information on our Entitlement by Role, please see the following article: How Do I Set Entitlement by Role?

For more information on our Automations, please see the following guide: Guide: What Automations does Vacation Tracker offer?

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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